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About Megale Law

Joseph R. Megale

Founding Partner

Joe Megale found himself drawn to the law field directly out of high school, focusing on law throughout his college days at Duke University. He then pursued a law degree from Hofstra University, graduating in 1985. He began his law career as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office. He has been litigating matters in court for 30 years.

He has been practicing criminal defense for more than 30 years. Joseph R. Megale works to protect the best interests of people who face DWI charges, domestic violence, and other criminal charges in addition those harmed by personal injury.

Joseph R. Megale’s experience working in the DA’s office and the fact that has spent his entire career representing people in Nassau County has provided him the benefit of dealing with the judges and other legal representatives in Nassau County. Joe has experience with the judges and knows how many of them handle different types of cases. He also knows how to identify weaknesses in the government’s case, which helps him build a strong defense for you.